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First Period Story

So I was super excited for my period and September 2018 after youth camp, I started binge watching period videos. I watched them until December and that was that. Then in March this year I got addicted again because I found discharge in my underwear. About a week later I got liners. Next month just before April holidays I started thinking about what circumstances I would be in when I started. Then I realised that it would probably start at an inconvenient time, aka when I was camping during Easter. I was twelve and a half when we left on Good Friday but I didn’t get it. I woke up the next day and I went to the bathroom I looked down at my liner and nothing but the discharge from yesterday was there. I wiped and there it was, my period, it was pink so I knew exactly what it was. I had enough supplies to make it through. But on the Monday a crisis came. My mum had left with my sister and I realised in shock that I had no pads left. I only had tampons! And they weren’t even the small ones, they were the regular, compact ones. I didn’t push it in far enough and sitting through lunch was torture. I pushed through while we packed the car and as soon as we had finished I ran to the bathroom. I saw with delight that they had refilled the paper towel. I took some, went into the stall and pulled out the tampon which kinda hurt as it had only been there for four hours. I made a diy emergency pad and I made it home. On Wednesday after I thought I had finished I was wearing a super thin liner during netball training. When we finished early I had to go home in my coaches car. I saw with horror that the liner was soaked in red blood. I turned it around and hoped for the best because there was no toilet paper. I have a male coach and as such did not want to stain his car even though I knew he has two daughters that already had it. I made it home and I didn’t stain his car. I stained only four items of clothing that period. Three pairs of underwear and one pair of shorts.

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I was 12 Years Old

When I got my period at school I was 12 years old but I thought it was not normal but it is normal for periods.

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From the totally #cringe embarrassing moments, to the time you helped your BFF through a period SOS call, we’re ready to hear the goss. Think of this as an online diary, so you can vent all of the fem tales that just HAVE to be heard. The best part? You can stay totally anon. So, er, get typing already…

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