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Jan 08, 2019

First Date - Do's and Don’t's


DO pick a fun activity.

When you’re deciding on a date location, try and come to a mutual decision. Do something that you think you’d both genuinely enjoy. This will not only generate plenty of lols and fun, but also will reduce the chance of any awkwardness or boredom. Think outside the box and get creative with it!

DO have a little convo starter brainstorm before the date begins.

This may sound slightly OTT, but trust us, you’ll be grateful later. To overcome any (very natural) silent, mid-conversation pauses, you might like to think about some topics or stories beforehand that can keep the chit-chat flowing. It could be anything from bonding over a love for dogs, to what movie you’re dying to see at the mo’.

DO wear something that you feel comfortable (and fabulous) in!

Don’t dress yourself purely to impress your date. Sure, you’d love for them to think you look nice, but your overall ‘aura’ will come from how you’re feeling inside. If you wear an ill-fitted dress or a pair of jeans you kinda hate, chances are this will reflect in your mood and mannerisms. Be comfy and wear an outfit that screams YOU.

DO ask ALL of the questions and have an open mind.

The whole purpose of a date is to get to know another person that you might be interested in spending more time with. Before anything romantic can unfold, you’ve got to talk to them as a friend first. That means going out of your way to ask some questions about the person that you’d truly love to know the answers to. Maybe it’s their hobbies, passions or whether they’re loyal to crunchy or smooth PB.



DON’T be glued to your phone.

We get how much you want to take a candid pic of your cute date while they’re not looking, but we’re here to tell you that the phone must go. Dates are a great real-world, face-to-face form of experience that shouldn’t be interrupted with a buzz of notifications. Pop your phone in your bag or pocket to keep your gaze firmly fixed on that potential #bae.

DON’T change yourself or try to be someone else.

This is a big one, girls. For a date to be incredible, you’ve got to stay true to yourself, your personality and your quirks. While you might try to replicate a favourite TV series moment, or strive to be a bit more like a friend you totally look up to, your date is there to get to know you. (Basically, they’ve won the lottery). Remember, you want to date someone who is interested in your true self. If they don’t appreciate the real, unfiltered, honest you, there’s no point pursuing things.

DON’T fret if there’s no kiss.

By all means, embrace a parting hug or kiss if your date goes for it and you’re genuinely feeling their vibe. But, after the date has ended and all your besties are dying to hear deets about the elusive ‘goodbye kiss’, don’t feel embarrassed to say it didn’t happen. It’s important to always go with the flow and trust your gut instinct in the moment. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that we can plan.

DON’T feel any pressure to go on a date #2.

If you left your date feeling a little unsure about whether it was a success, there’s no harm in allowing for some time to get to know each other better on a second outing. But, if you reaaally weren’t feeling it the first time ‘round, there is no legally binding contract that says you must plan another hangout. Always be polite, honest and and stay in tune with your feelings regardless of what anybody else has to say. If it didn’t work out, aim to leave things on good terms so you can still be friends.


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