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Hot and Cold Best Friend? What should I DO?!

Oct 30, 2018

So. There was that girl. We ve been friends - really good friends for a couple of years but then she started to act weird.For instance dhe didnt wanna talk to me she was acting like i was invisible. Then she started to upload things about me on her instagram stories and i asked what happened she explained herself and for a month we were fine. We were besties again but when something really bad happend she decided to brake my hand and from that day we stop talking to eachother. I was fine and i am fine but she is bithering me for example she calls me with an uknown number and she is like ITS A PRANK (like a 5yo) What should I do? I want her to stop bothering me!

Gemmah Says

Wow md15, you right - that is very odd behaviour. Just know that it's probably NOT about you. There'll be things going on with her that you might not know anything about that are causing this erractic behaviour. It seems like you did the right thing and tried to resolve  the issue - and all was good, but now you've come to accept that the friendship is over. (I'm really hoping the hand breaking was an accident....). I think in this situation it's not unreasonable to ask her to please stop calling and texting and to block her number. If it keeps going, you need to talk to a trusted adult at home or school and ask them to help you in this situation. Good luck! LGx

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