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Moody BBF!

Oct 30, 2018

so my bf and me have been friend sicne year 6 (we are year 8 now) anyway now she being sad one minute grumpy the next and slaping me for no reson at all the next i do not know what to do it dose not help that she is dyslexisc so she finds school work hared when she's ina good mood i help her but i do not know what to do when she mad please help me Embo

Gemmah Says

Hi there Embo, that doesn't sound like any fun at all :( I think your friend is frustrated - as you say, with her learning, but hormones might also be messing with her moods. It sounds like you're a great friend - so the best thing to do is talk to her honestly - tell her you don't know what to do when she's in a bad mood, ask her how you can help when she's feeling down or frustrated - and to please not to slap you (that's not okay). Maybe ask if she wants to come over and you can study together? Getting her outside the school environment could help her feel less stress. She's lucky she has a great friend like you! LGx

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