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1st Period Panic

I was totally oblivious to the world of puberty until I got my first period in grade six. I was just about to go out for lunch when I felt what felt like a gush of liquid in my underwear. I didn’t think anything of it at first before I felt something wet and squishy in my underwear that was when I knew I had to go to the toilet. My mum already gave me some liners but at the time I needed them the most I left them at home… Great right? I had to shuffle my way to the toilet. It was very awkward… When I finally got there it was like a crime scene in my pants, I sat there in panic for what felt like the whole break time. I finally realised that I had to do something about it, that included my horrible attempt of making a DIY pad. Didn’t turn out that well but it was the best I could do in that time. When I went to go find my friends to ask them if they had any pads but instead they congratulated me for entering womanhood…. I was lucky that I only had one class before the end of the day, that was full of discomfort and embarrassment… That was about two years ago though and now I have become a master at handling periods. I’ve been using the Libra Girl pads ever since, and I have finally started using tampons when you released the girl edition. I absolutely love them! ? Thanks for reading my first period story! ?

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Only One Problem: I Still had a Crush

I started at a new school. Just so you know, I had a crush on a boy at my old school. I sat in the class and could not stop worrying. I had a crush on like 10 OF THE BOYS!! Then once I got over most of them, I went on a date with my original crush. Only one problem: I still had a crush. And it’s one of those crushes you can’t control, like how you don’t want to like them but you don’t have a choice! I needed advice. I asked all my friends. They all just said ‘don’t like him then!’ But I am NOT IN CONTROL of my HORMONES and I only got over him when I saw my date again after 2 MONTHS!

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There for Each Other

So… this isn’t exactly my story but… So one day my and my BFFs were just hanging out, talking, being weird and stuff when My friend ‘lulu’ asked me “who do you think will get their period first?” I was like oh I dunno. So then she asks my to come to the toilet with her and she was like ” Georgia, don’t tell anyone but… “I got my period:(“. I was super exited for her and we talked about how to tell her dad (parents are divorced). If she needed supplies and a whole load of other stuff. And to this day I support her, and when the time comes I know she will support me. So please girls, don’t tease each other, don’t gossip about it, don’t tell others if they’ve asked you not to, give out extra supplies like candy, because we ALL get periods. It’s normal. So, GIRLS support GIRLS!!!

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Undies Be Gone!

The other day my parents made me stay home while they went to work because we had an electrician coming over to fix our air con. It was HOT. I’m talking a serious sweat-fest. Mix this with bad period cramps, I was not in the best of moods. When the electrician came over, I just sat at the kitchen bench and did some homework for a bit. Ugh, unsure what’s worse – cramps or maths?? Anyway, out of the corner of my eye, I see our puppy, Nala, playing with something in the lounge room IT WAS MY UNDERWEAR FROM THE LAUNDRY BASKET!! To make matters worse, they were my period undies. Disaster! I started chasing her around trying to get them quickly and the electrician was like ‘what’s she got!’ so he started trying to help me retrieve the period undies. Oh MY god. I managed to corner her, GRAB the underwear and quickly scrunch them up. So embarrassing. Let’s just say I’m NEVER leaving that laundry door open again.

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I was 12 Years Old

When I got my period at school I was 12 years old but I thought it was not normal but it is normal for periods.

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This Isn’t that Bad but…

I’m sure this has happened to some other people (maybe in different situations). So I’m a pretty socially awkward person, and my family and I really like to go skiing. So one time (and probably a few other times), I was going up to the chairlift and the guy did that thing where they grab hold of the chair so it doesn’t bowl you over, and he said “have a nice ride” and I said “you too” 😂🤣😌 Side story!!! One time my family and I were trying to get on to the lift but we weren’t sure who was going where and with whom (cause it didn’t fit all of us at once). And then my mom started just going and then she told me to come. So I freaked out and went, but I was a little late (not drastically I still made it pretty well) and the chairlift operator slowed down the lift, looked at me and said “that’s not how we do things here! Do you need assistance?” There was I sign further back that said inexperienced minors should ask for assistance, but I’ve been skiing for 10 years. Then he pointed to the Stop line and said that my skis weren’t far enough on it (they were) he proceeded to do this for the rest of the time until it was the end of his shift then the next guy was really nice.

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Embarrassing! 😊

I had really bad period pain and felt extremely faint, more like I was gonna faint! I was at the mall and my vision was really blurry and I was going to vomit 🤮. So my mum said “You know what just lie down here right here” So I lay down right in the middle of the mall!!! Whilst my mum went to get a wheelchair! Apparently the shops owns wheelchairs for emergencies. So a man that worked for the for the mall wheeled me to the car 🚘. Everyone stared like crazy!

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