Double 2 in 1 Liners

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Freshness on demand. Designed with two thin layers, if you need a quick freshen up, simply peel off the top layer of the Double 2 in 1 Liner to reveal the clean, second liner and you're ready to go. ProSkin: Combining super soft premium materials with an infusion of mild lactic acid, our ProSkin liners are designed to care for your intimate area whilst supporting a healthy pH balance.

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Mar 1, 2023
I found this product after not having a period for three years; it has made all the difference in my transition back. I feel confident I can count on these liners in the days leading up to my expected period and at the end. My period has been unpredictable as of late, but they have prevented me from being caught off-guard. The double layer keeps things feeling fresh during my work day and saves me time; it has also caught any leaks if my period ends up heavier than I expect at the beginning and/or end.