May 22, 2020

Exercise at Home During your Period

Let’s be real, exercising during your period might be the last thing on your mind; especially after downing a whole block of chocolate! But should you be hitting pause on your Insta-worthy workout routine at that time of the month? Or should you grab your favourite activewear, pump Spotify and push through? If science has anything to say, it’s that exercise is always beneficial – including during your period. So scroll on for Team Libra’s top period workout tips, and get ready to bring on some serious #fitspo. Remember though, if you’re feeling ‘bleh’ or having a day of zero motivation, this is totally normal and nothing to feel guilty about. You do you, and be kind to yourself – always!


Benefits of exercising during your period

We’re sure you’re wondering what the benefits of exercising during your period actually are. Believe it or not, staying active is a great way to alleviate many of the pesky symptoms that you may be experiencing! While it’s super tempting to sink into the couch and rewatch Outer Banks for the 4th time, you may find that you feel better after doing some yoga or going for a walk instead. Why? Because exercise can help to boost your mood, relieve pain and cramps, reduce bloating, fight mood swings, ease nausea and battle fatigue. It’s known to naturally release endorphins – a.k.a. those fab ‘feel good’ hormones!



So then, what exactly is the right way to stay fit when you’re just not feeling it? The best part is that no strenuous movement or heavy lifting is required! We highly recommend keeping any exercise light, simple and easy.


Our current favourite ways to workout from home are:


  • Yoga

Do yoga on the lounge room floor. Practicing mindfulness, gentle stretching and balancing are wonderful ways to relax your muscles and alleviate cramps. Have fun and bring on those zen vibes! Note: While yoga is safe to do during your period, it is best to stick to lower-intensity, upright movements.


  • Online workout videos

Follow along with low-volume home workout videos on YouTube or Insta. Get creative with doing light bodyweight exercises and even using household objects instead of dumbbells (i.e. think full shopping bags, canned food, milk cartons or even books!). This can help to improve circulation, increase your strength and flexibility, and enhance your mood.


  • Go for a walk

Take a leisurely stroll around the block, through the park, or to grab a takeaway coffee (FYI: almond lattes give us LIFE). With no equipment or thought required, walking is definitely the easiest way to stay active during that time of the month! It helps with managing your mood, period pain/cramps and overall fitness level.


  • Swimming

If you’ve got a pool at home, swimming while on your period is a super gentle and effective way to get some movement into your day! Just pop a tampon in, do some light stretching, and take it at your own pace. Swimming is great for endurance, improving circulation and mood – all without any impact or stress on your body.


  • Dancing

Learn a new TikTok routine or simply pop on your favourite song and get grooving. It can help to alleviate cramps, and obviously, it’s a HUGE mood booster!


While there are so many benefits to exercising during your period, it’s just as important to remember to be gentle with it! Listen to your body and know your limitations – keep things light and don’t work out for lengthy periods of time. You may be feeling weaker and more tired than usual, so it’s not the time to take on a new heavy lifting regime. Cut back on anything that’s too high-intensity, and focus on light exercises like the ones that we’ve mentioned here. And above all else, stop and rest if you start to feel unusually fatigued, nauseous or in pain. Sometimes a short walk might be all you can manage, and that is totally okay.


So girl, know that your period doesn’t have to mean that exercise is cancelled! In fact, with the amount of potential benefits it can bring, it could even shoot up to the top of your to-do list. All you have to do is find an activity you enjoy, block out half an hour of your day, and take it at a slow pace. Get going, and you’ll absolutely be thanking us later.


Love, Libra x


Anything else? Asaleo Care makes no warranties or representations regarding the completeness or accuracy of the information. This information should be used only as a guide and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional, medical or other health professional advice.


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