Nov 08, 2021

First Times with Abbie Chatfield

First crush, first period, first date… There is a first time for everything, but first times can be a little nerve wracking, exciting and unexpectedly amazing. Life is full of firsts and we caught up with our inspiring brand ambassador Abbie Chatfield, to find out more about hers.

Getting her first period

“My first period came as a shock to me. I got it in year 5, so I was pretty young at 10 years old. We had pretty decent sex ed at my primary school, so I had an idea of what it was but was still so embarrassed. I remember I got it at an after school netball game and put toilet paper in my undies, and then put the undies straight into the washing basket. Mum found them and gave me some tampons, and that was that!”

Feeling completely empowered

“I think the most empowering feeling is being independent. When you don’t rely on anyone for money, decision making or a schedule, you are incredibly empowered. I probably got to this point in the last couple of years. It’s the best feeling.”

First time using a vibrator

“When I turned 18, I went to the dingy sex shop near my Mum’s house and got one of the classic pink Rabbit vibrators. I’d been masturbating for ages, so it wasn’t some wild new feeling, but it definitely was exciting and clearly I’m still a huge fan.”

Going on her very first date

“I think I was in year 10. We probably went to the movies at South Bank in Brisbane where you could get student tickets for $6. I feel like I just sat in the movie with sweaty palms wondering if I should hold the boy’s hand. Tragic.”

Trying Libra’s Period Proof Briefs for the first time

“I got to try Libra’s Period Proof Briefs this year and they were fab!! No leakage, soft, breathable, comfortable and cute with the lace trim.”

First Celebrity Crush

“I am on record saying Andy Lee was my teenage crush and to be honest still is, I’ve worked with him a couple times now but we still stan the Lee.”

First Feminist Icon

“My grandma Carmel was an absolute trailblazer. She was one of the first female dentists and always had incredible words of wisdom. No wonder my Mum is so wonderful.”

When it comes to first experiences in life, don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back. Take a page out of Abbie’s book and have confidence in yourself to take on life’s challenges. You’ll never know what you may be missing out on unless you try.


Love, Libra x



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