Feb 27, 2019

Shhhsilk Founder Olivia Carr on all things biz, resilience and fighting for your passions.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re having a gal-to-gal chat with the powerhouse behind iconic Australian silk pillowcase brand, Shhhsilk. Meet Olivia Carr – Mum of two, entrepreneur and Shhhsilk Founder. Olivia is in the biz of sweet dreams, with her range of gloriously silky, beautifully designed pillow cases. She’s responsible for better hair days, better skin days and better beauty sleep – on a global scale. Just ask two of Shhhsilk’s most loyal devotees; Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. (Gasps). Even more importantly, Olivia is empowering young, budding female go-getters to pursue their passions with unbridled ambition. Liv, please tell us ALL of your secrets…

First things first however, let us share Olivia’s wildest move to date – pulling off a bold stunt that put Shhhsilk on the map in a ridiculously cool way. “I didn’t have any existing contacts in the industry as such,” she recalls. With that in mind, and a devotion to Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Olivia hatched a masterplan. In 2016, she flew to LA, hired a car and drove to Kris Jenner’s house with a pillowcase package and handwritten note in her stride. (Yup, we’re serious). “I just kept thinking about how else I could tap into their world,” she says. The clan received the package, loved it and shared on their social media accounts! However, the ultimate compliment and testament to the quality of the product was when Kim K requested her own monogrammed range 4 months later! “Some nights I still think how crazy it is that Kim lays her head on my pillowcases,” says Olivia. Now, even Makeup by Mario and his glam squad are worshipping the beauty benefits of Shhhsilk.