Jun 21, 2021

How to Wash Period Undies

How to Wash your Period Undies

Hey there Fancy Pants! Yep, that’s you with your new Period Proof underwear. So, it’s the end of the day and you’ve taken care of work or studies (like the boss you are). And then you realise you haven’t spent a minute worrying about whether your period leaked because… well, period proof underwear of course!


You might be wondering to yourself how do you wash period undies? Will the blood seep into your other clothes? Do you need to use special detergent? Do you need to separate them? Answer? None of the above.


High tech underwear doesn’t mean high tech care and washing your Period Proof Briefs is as easy as following these three steps…


This video will show you How to wash your period undies.

Let’s Break it Down.

Step 1

If you can, a rinse is the perfect way to prep your briefs for the wash. Rinse them under cold water until it runs clear. Even better, if you’re jumping straight into the shower, take your Period Proof Underwear with you and rinse them there. Bonus points for saving water! It’s okay if you need to skip this step, your Period Proof Underwear and other clothes in the wash will be fine.


Step 2

Pop them in the washing machine on a cold wash with detergent. Don’t worry about using any bleach or softeners and don’t worry about whether they’ll ruin your other clothes (they won’t). You can wash your reusable period underwear on their own or with an existing load.


Step 3

Hang them on the line to dry and you’re good to go! If you can, minimise tumble drying as much as possible. Of course, they’ll survive if you do accidentally throw them in, but air drying will make sure your reusable period undies last as long as possible. Tumble drying can damage the fibres and break them down over time. If you’re strapped for time, and are in desperate need of your period undies, then you can put them in the dryer on a low setting.


And now your Period Proof Underwear is ready for a new cycle (pun intended) of Wear, Bleed, Wash, Repeat.


Love, Libra x



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