Oct 20, 2020

Society’s Pressure to Be Perfect with Abbie Chatfield

That elusive ideal of being ‘perfect’ is like a finish line that keeps moving further and further away, and is somehow always just out of reach. Ugh. One liberated lady we love and look up to is the inimitable Abbie Chatfield. From squillions of onlookers passing judgement on her appearance, opinions and TV persona, Abbie has had a difficult (but very important) awakening on what it means to embrace oneself. We sat down with the unapologetically honest, candid, and quick witted renegade herself to discuss society’s pressure to be perfect, body image, and periods.


It takes only a few minutes of trawling through Abbie’s h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s yet cleverly quippy and open TikTok reel, Instagram feed or podcast to feel a sense of relief. Like a beautiful breath of fresh air, Abbie champions the women who follow her to embrace their femininity in all of its weird, wild and wonderful ways. Maybe it’s rehearsing the WAP dance to a bunch of remixes in hotel quarantine, or sharing footage of her outgrown leg hair (mood) to promote some realism in this highly aspirational social media landscape we’re all navigating.