Dec 03, 2021

Tips for swimming on your period

Summer is finally here! Which means pool hangs and days at the beach are likely filling up your calendar. While you may be going on a summer holiday, your period isn’t. Chances are, at some point, you’re going to encounter a period at the pool, but don’t let your period hold you back from swimming. 

So, what’s the deal with swimming on your period? Is it hygienic? Can you get an infection? Can you swim with a tampon?

Have no fear, water babies! Your burning questions are hosed down, below. Now, let’s join hands and jump into all things periods, pools and other bodies of water on – one – two – THREE!


What period care do I use while swimming on my period? 

Short answer… tampons! While pads and liners are great, when you’re in the water, tampons are best! Water can affect the glue and absorbency of the pad. Pick your favourite tampon for swimming from our CottonGirl or Body Fit ranges. Consider them your own personal lifeguard.

If you’re a bit unsure when it comes to using a tampon while swimming, don’t stress, we have you covered. Try taking some deep breaths to relax your muscles (and your mind), angle your tampon at 45 degrees and push gently towards your tailbone. We’ve got a whole blog on ‘How to Use Tampons’.

So now that we’re prepped, let’s cover off a few common questions before we wade in.


Does my period stop in water?

Nope, it keeps on flowing! It’s probably just diluting into the water, so it seems like it’s stopped or slowed down. If you’re swimming on your period, just pop in a tampon and dive on in!