Sep 20, 2022

Why do my boobs hurt? Are they growing?

There’s no body part quite like boobs. Coming in all different sizes, shapes and colours, our breasts are as individual as we are. While we think boobs are pretty cool, there are a few times when they can be sore and uncomfortable. When we’re going through puberty, in particular, tender breasts are a totally normal experience.
If you’re worried about soreness, one boob being bigger than the other or wondering why your boobs haven’t quite developed yet, Team Libra is here to help. We’re talking why boobs hurt, how you can ease the pain and what puberty does to boob growth!

Why do my boobs hurt anyway? 

Sore boobs and breast tenderness is normal and generally harmless — even if it feels uncomfortable! You may have noticed your boobs are sorer than usual at certain times of the month, and you’re probably wondering what’s the cause behind it.

One of the main factors behind boob soreness is the well-known P word: puberty. As you enter puberty, your body ups its production of two hormones called oestrogen and progesterone. These hormones cause your breasts to grow, but they can also cause boob soreness. You may also find that your breasts feel more tender at the beginning of your period, and this is again due to those hormonal fluctuations.  

Why are my breasts sore before I get my period?

Before your menstrual cycle begins, you might experience something called Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, commonly referred to as ‘PMS’. Some of us get bad cramps, others experience mood swings or cravings for certain foods (sugar, carb-laden treats often hit the spot) and, for some people, breast pain will be a common PMS symptom. It’s all part of having a period.
Because our breasts can grow at a different pace, don’t be surprised if one boob hurts and the other feels just fine. It’s also not unusual for one boob to be bigger than the other!

Read more about PMS symptoms and how to deal with them.

Help! How can I relieve pain from sore boobs?

Sore boobs are no fun, but the pain is usually temporary.

We’ve all heard it before - eating well, exercising regularly and getting those 8 hours of restful slumber are all so important for optimal health, and that includes boob health too! When we’re careful about what we put into our bodies, particularly around the time we get our periods, it can help ease tender breasts. Cutting down on our salt intake and limiting caffeine is good for managing boob soreness. Exercising is also a natural pain reliever, and even jumping around for 20 minutes a day can get the blood flowing and endorphins pumping.

Sometimes, taking your mind off your sore breasts is the best thing to do. Some R&R might be just what you need to forget about tender breasts for a little while, so it’s okay if you feel like putting your feet up and watching your favourite show for a few hours! You can also try a warm bath or heat pack to help soothe tender boobs.

What are the signs my breasts are growing?

Puberty is a time in your life when your body begins to develop and change — think of it as the transformation into adulthood. Often, one of the first signs that you are going through puberty is breast growth. This occurs because your brain sends little messages to your ovaries, telling them to produce a hormone called oestrogen. When oestrogen is produced, your body matures, and this is when you’ll start to notice those changes in your breasts.
Signs your breasts are growing include an itchy or tight feeling in your chest which is the result of breast tissue growth. You might start to feel firm lumps, called breast buds, form under your nipples. The skin around your nipples, called the areola, might also become darker in colour.
As you go through puberty, you’ll notice your body changes in other ways too. You might start to see the growth of pubic hair and underarm hair. Your body will usually become curvier, and your hips and thighs may get wider. These changes happen to everyone!
Remember that we are all different, and no two people will experience puberty at the exact same pace. Some of your friends might experience breast growth before you, and this is because our bodies don’t all develop in the same way. For some, breast development might be the earliest sign of puberty while, for others, it might be the last.

You can learn more about the stages of breast development by reading Everything You Need to Know About Breasts.

How can I get bigger boobs naturally?

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to get bigger boobs naturally, the short answer is no. Our boobs naturally change size as we grow and go through puberty. It may take several years before they reach their full size. 
Breasts can also go through changes during your menstrual cycle. Hormones released by the body about a week before your period can cause boobs to look and feel fuller. Along with PMS symptoms, these hormonal changes cause breast ducts (thin tubes that transfer milk to the nipple) to enlarge and you might notice subtle changes in your breast size.

Read more about what happens during the different phases of the menstrual cycle.

Does almond or soy milk make your boobs bigger?

Because almond and soy milk contain phytoestrogen (basically oestrogen for plants) as well as lots of healthy fats, there’s plenty of talk out there suggesting that two cups of almond or soy milk per day can enlarge your breasts. However, this hasn’t been proven and phytoestrogen in plant milk doesn’t actually work in quite the same way as the oestrogen produced by our bodies. So, before you go out and stock up on almond and soy milk, know that there’s no evidence to support a link between almond or soy milk and breast development.

Rather than focusing on how we can change our bodies, let’s appreciate them for what they are. Big boobs, little boobs, uneven boobs — we are all unique and that’s something to celebrate!

Love, Libra x

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