All Things Periods

Regularly Irregular

A complete menstrual cycle usually takes about 21 to 32 days, but when you first get your period it can be all over the shop! You might have one period, then another 2 weeks later and then not have one for a couple of months – that’s all very normal and it can take a year or so to settle down. On the other hand, you might be like clockwork from the get go!

The advantage of knowing your cycle is that you can predict when your period will start, so keeping track is a good idea. Just pop a star or heart in your diary on the first day of every period or download a period tracker app (our favourite is ‘Flo’), and then count the days in between. It should eventually settle into a regular pattern (Although do know that a few girls have irregular periods their whole life – and that’s okay too!).

Regularity can also be affected by:
• Stress – such as exams, family or relationship issues, even something exciting like going on camp
• Extreme weight loss/gain
• Excessive exercise
• Illness
• International travel through different time zones.

If you are concerned, your best option is to pay a visit to your GP.

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