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Eat Well Feel Great

We all know the basics of a healthy diet – lots of vegetables and fruit, whole grains, protein, complex carbohydrates and drinking loads of water – it’s just sticking to it that’s the hard part.

Don’t be hard on yourself, we all have lapses and they should be enjoyed, but there’s no doubt we feel happier, more energetic and alert when we’re eating well.

If you’re not sure how your overall diet looks, try writing down everything you eat and drink over a week and see if it stacks up against what you think you consume.

On diet, women with particularly heavy periods might consider making sure their iron intake is sufficient. Although blood only makes up about a third to half of menstrual fluid, heavy periods can deplete your iron levels. If you fall into this category and are feeling a little pale and lacklustre, it might be an idea to consult with your doctor and see if a supplement might be helpful.

Remember too, that sudden and rapid weight loss or weight gain can affect the regularity of periods. If you’re concerned, of course, see your doctor.


For more information: Dietary Guidelines for Australian Adults 

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