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Hair Down There

You may be curious to know why we have pubic hair.

Pubic hair typically covers the front of your pubic area, runs down between your legs and around your anus (bottom). It’s thought to have evolved as a barrier to protect the vagina from bacteria as well as helping with ventilation so you don’t get too hot or sticky. However, as we now have easy access to bathing and washing our clothes, the choice to keep or remove some or all of your pubic hair is purely a personal preference.

If you are considering removal, some options with their pros and cons include:

  • Shaving – quick and easy to do yourself. Relatively cheap, but regrowth can be stubbly and itchy and ingrown hairs an issue. If you have fairly fine hair and are just doing ‘the edges’ so you look neat in your swimsuit, this might be a good choice. Just make sure you use shaving cream or soap to lubricate or you may be left with a tell-tale razor rash!
  • Depilatory (or hair removing) cream – is easy and convenient to use, hair regrowth isn’t as fast or as ‘blunt’ as shaving.
  • Waxing –  DIY or salon. Can be tricky to do yourself but some women get it down pat with practice. Regrowth is much slower compared to shaving. It’s cheaper if you do it yourself and more expensive at a salon depending how much you want removed. And if it’s your first trip to a salon, don’t be concerned, they’ve literally seen it all before!
  • Laser hair removal – is a permanent solution to hair removal. Although it requires multiple sessions to achieve nil regrowth, once it’s done, it’s done. We’d recommend going to a reputable salon if you’re exploring this method and avoiding the home lasers as it should be conducted by a trained professional. A salon will be able to tell you how many treatments you’ll need and what the total cost is before you start. The team at Libra has found you usually need 6-8 sessions with the cost being between $40-$80AUD per session for a Brazilian and underarms package.
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