Bloody Amazing!

Ladies, the emoji gods at Unicode have finally granted us a period emoji.  So when you’re curled up on the couch with a hot water bottle and simply #cannotdeal with a full-text message response to your bestie, you’ll now be able to use a single emoji!  Yasss.

But the emoji is so much more than just convenience.  Humanitarian Organisation, Plan International has been advocating for the emoji to be included in order to normalise period conversation.  In their survey of approximately 2000 young women across the UK, it was found that this would be a helpful way for young women to talk about their periods with their friends and family.  At Libra, we couldn’t agree more.  We know sometimes you feel embarrassed to talk about your flow with your mum, dad, friends, boyfriend, but something that 800 million of us experience every month should not be embarrassing or stigmatised.  The emoji might be a small step, it’s totally a significant one.  As Hayley Cull, Plan International’s Advocacy Director in Aus told Hack on Triple J “emojis are really a part of our vocabulary now” and “smashing the stigma surrounding periods starts with talking about it more openly”.

Keep an eye on your keyboard in the upcoming months for that little red droplet!


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