Our Mission

To foster a seriously sustainable society through each and every one of our products.
We’ve all got one body and one world.
Now that’s worth protecting.

Who’s with us?

Our Pillars

They say good things come in threes.

Better For You, Better For The Environment and Better For The Community, are our trinity, building up to our Better World pursuit.

Better For You

Periods call for TLC.

Periods call for TLC. That’s why we’re committed to products that are gentle, free from nasties and that promise to be kind to your body. Moving with the confidence that you’re making healthy fem hygiene choices makes that time of the month that easier (so you can get back to doing the stuff you love, sans worry).

1. We’re elemental chlorine free

Our products are made from elemental chlorine free material. Elemental wha? Without getting too science-y on you, this means our products don’t release pollutants called ‘dioxins’ (created in other methods of getting the same job done) into the world or your body.

2. Forget the fragrance

We say ‘hell no’ to fragrances. While we’re all about delicious smelling spritzes and your signature rollerball fragrance, our products will keep you ‘fresh’ in other ways. Why? We don’t want to throw the delicate pH balance of ‘down there’ out of whack.

3. Dermatologically tested, so you can truly feel good in your skin

All of the delicate materials we use to create our famous pads, tampons and liners have been trialled and tested to keep your skin free from irritation. (Yas!) We’re in the biz of helping you forget that your period is even underway. No time for itching, scratching or any dreaded discomfort. Nobody’s got time for that.

4. Bio-based tampon core = Our tampons are good to the core

It’s what’s on the inside that counts. For us the inside, the very core of our tampons, is made from renewable materials. Kind to you and kind to the environment.

5. Product safety approved materials

Each and every element of your Libra pads, tampons and liners has gone through an intense quality and safety check by our specialist team. These passionate experts are meticulous, ensuring our pads, tampons and liners are entirely safe to use. Assessments include analysis of chemical impurities, toxicological tests and human dermal safety studies, such as repeat insult patch tests. The ultimate mission? Providing products that are safe and kind to your skin.

6. ​We have standards

Our Springvale manufacturing palace (where all the magic happens) holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation. Scratching your head? These are basically standards that measure against quality and environmental management, to ensure we’re always making the absolute best pads, tampons and liners around.

Better For The Environment

Fact: Mother Earth matters.

Fact: Mother Earth matters. We know that the recycling of our product packaging is oh so important to reduce our environmental footprint. Let’s tread carefully, together.

1. Our plastic packaging is recyclable

Our plastic packaging is recyclable, meaning that there is an existing system to collect and recycle our plastic and paper product packaging across Australia and New Zealand. That’s pretty cool, huh? Our ​Sustainable Packaging Policy​ is where we share how we’re making green, the new black.

2. We work with REDcycle program to keep soft plastics out of landfill

To contribute to a more sustainable society, we work with ​REDcycle,​ whose mission is to make it easy for consumers to keep plastic bags and packaging out of landfill. Our packaging passes the ‘​scrunch test​’, which means it’s soft enough to meet the REDcycle criteria. To that, we applaud.

3. We’re backing the Love NZ recycling program

Everything old is new again, when you’re an active partner with ​Love NZ​. These amazing peeps reprocess soft plastics and waste materials into new products and commodities. Buckets, waterslides, fences – yep they do it all.

4. 100% Responsible fibre

Preserving our earth’s natural treasures is so important to us. 100% of pulp purchases made to create our products meets our ​Responsible Forestry and Fibre Sourcing Policies​.

5. We’ve got #GOALS

Our sustainability goal is to help support a more sustainable society through
our products and business day-to-day operations. We want every aspect of what we do to uphold those all-important principles of justice and preservation.

Better For The Community

There’s a bigger impact at stake here.

There’s a bigger impact at stake here. With the community at the forefront of our every move, we consider the social impact of our actions. That’s what makes our world a place worth living in, ladies.

1 . We’re Australian, through and through

Libra is the only brand of feminine hygiene products that makes pads, tampons and liners right here IN Australia. If you like to support local, Libra is your ride or die.

2. We love local

We’re locally made, striving to strengthen our backyard communities by employing over 200 workers in Australia and New Zealand. Our philosophy is all about supporting local and giving back to our roots. Aka, the way it should be.

3. A no exploitation policy commitment

It’s good to be kind. Under our ​Ethical Sourcing Policy​, we’ve taken an oath to recognise the role we play in safeguarding human rights and eliminating modern slavery. We’re tight with our raw material suppliers, and expect them to operate ethically with their every move. Oh, and when we source our materials, we uphold the fair and just treatment of our legendary workers.

4. We say NO to animal cruelty

What would this big, blue dot be without animals? Answer: a sad place, that’s for sure. That’s why we say no to animal cruelty and do not condone testing of products on animals. We can assure you that our product development process in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji and the subsequent products created, are NOT tested on animals. We look for ways to strengthen controls in our supply chain, to ensure that our material suppliers also show this same love to our furry friends.

5. We’re proud as ever to be supporting Foodbank

Just like we believe no girl should go without basic feminine hygiene, we want to help Foodbank Australia​ in their plight to make sure no individual goes hungry. Together, we’re working towards the incredible goal of #zerohunger.

  • Australian

  • Product
    safety approved

  • Recyclable

  • Cruelty

  • We love

  • Dermatologically

  • Elemental
    chlorine free

  • No to

Qs on our sustainability journey.

The only pads, tampons and liners made in Australia for over 30 years are from yours truly, Libra.

Our homebase is the mecca of all things coffee, avocados, activewear and fabulous pads and tampons. That is, Melbourne. We like to keep things nice and local, manufacturing, packaging and styling up our products right hurr.

Damn straight sister.

We employ over 200 workers in Australia and New Zealand across all areas of biz: Product Development, Manufacturing, Safety, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Supply Chain and all other parts of our company.

We’re passionate about supporting local and giving back to the community.

Our environmental footprint matters to us, a lot.

We want to tread in fluffy slippers on our path to maximum sustainability, not stiletto heels. So what’s the deal? Our tampon boxes are made from cardboard (which is a MAJOR green light on the recycling road) and our plastic packaging is recyclable.

Our friends at ‘REDcycle’ host an impressive range of drop off points across Oz for you to recycle your Libra plastic packaging at, right here. Oh, and if you hail from NZ, you can find your drop off points here.

We’ve looked at the long game and made a compromise.

Considering more than just the disposed product (that’s after you’ve unwrapped a pad or uncased a tampon), we’ve gone for a ‘bigger picture’ approach. Paper is a cool guy – renewable and recyclable.

BUT, paper is also heavier and less waterproof when compared to our nifty plastic packaging. Plastic is supreme, being lighter and thinner, meaning we’re able to limit the fossil fuels that go into the production and transportation of all things Libra.

It’s also recyclable via our clever friends at ​REDcycle​ in Australia, and ​Soft Plastic Recycling​ in New Zealand.

We love recycling, reducing and reusing, all while product safety sits firmly at number 1 in our priority list.

Reusable products like menstrual cups are safe, but only when they are cleaned, sterilised and stored properly. If not, the rare but serious risk of  Toxic Shock Syndrome can rear its ugly head. Any other considerations?

Yep. A reusable product would need to meet our strict Ethical Sourcing and Responsible Sourcing policies. They’re tough crowds, but we may have something in the pipeline!

Our products are ‘elemental chlorine free’. Huh?

This means our products don’t release pollutants called ‘dioxins’ (created in other methods of getting the same job done) into the world or your body. No thank you!

Yes. We love perfume and we’re spritz-happy gals. But when it comes to our pads, tampons and liners, we keep everything blissfully fragrance-free. Why? Our products are here to help your period be oh-so more manageable, comfortable and can-do-able.

Ain’t nobody got time for any irritation caused by fragrance. Instead, we focus on breathability to ensure you stay hella fresh down there.

Your Libra pads, tampons and liners go through intense quality and safety checks by our team of specialists.

Their job is to ensure every material fulfils legal requirements, is entirely safe to use, and is kind and gentle to your skin.

Our Springvale manufacturing palace (think of this as a fortress of fem hygiene products) holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations. Numbers and acronyms decoded, these are some pretty awesome standards that test us against quality controls and environmental management. They keep us in check so that we can confidently deck you guys out with the best pads and tampons around.

Better World- Better World- Better World- Better World- Better World- Better World- Better World- Better World- Better World- Better World- Better World- Better World- Better World- Better World- Better World- Better World- Better World- Better World- Better World- Better World-

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