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Girl Combo

Due to high demand we’ve run out of stock of our sample kits. Please check back soon!

Designed for smaller bodies, Libra Girl comes in pads and tampons. Think thin pads for comfort and a no budge fit for peace of mind. You’ll get regular pads for those light to medium flow days and Goodnights pads with extra protection for your slumber. You’ll also get tampons that are smaller in size but with super girl absorbency.

What’s Included:

  • Libra Girl Regular Pads with wings (x2)
  • Libra Girl Goodnights Pads with wings (x2)
  • Libra Girl Regular Tampons (x2)
  • Libra Girl Tampon Instructions Leaflet (x1)
  • Libra Girl Starter Booklet (x1)
  • 20% Discount code for your next LoveLibra purchase (x1)