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Libra Girl is your haven for all things #teenagelife. Consider this your vacay away from the awks and off-limits. Here, we’re talking about ERRYTHING female.

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Ask Gemmah:

Gemmah knows what’s up. She’s our guru on all things girrrrl. She’s def your go-to if you want some advice from that ‘big sister’ who’s been there, done that. And trust us, there’s nothing she hasn’t heard before. Nothing’s off limits!
Ask Gemmah
I have an question for you. About six days ago I had light ish brown discharge and it lasted for… read the answer
Ask Gemmah

How can you tell if he’s a player?

How can you tell is someone is a playboy? Gemmah Says Hi anon, that’s a great question! Without evidence, it can be hard to know. …

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Ask Gemmah

Can I swim without a tampon?

what do I do if I get my period at camp and I want to go in the water because I don’t know how use …

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    Raise your hand if you're guilty of a little shower sit-down meditation from time to time (cough*every morning*cough)…

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    💕 How good is it when one of the girls pull out this baby on an unexpected period arrival day? *Raises hands to ro…

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    Ladies, you've been telling us you want to hear more about Endometriosis - a debilitating condition that affects 1 in…

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  • Dreaming of pool days? 💦 Always remember, tampons THEN swimming. It's the almighty period order. While pads are …

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    Endometri-wha? 💕 We're back to get you brushed up on your knowledge of Endometriosis for #EndometriosisAwarenessMo…

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