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Libra Girl is your haven for all things #teenagelife. Consider this your vacay away from the awks and off-limits. Here, we’re talking about ERRYTHING female.

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Ask Gemmah:

Gemmah knows what’s up. She’s our guru on all things girrrrl. She’s def your go-to if you want some advice from that ‘big sister’ who’s been there, done that. And trust us, there’s nothing she hasn’t heard before. Nothing’s off limits!
Ask Gemmah
I have popping in my stomach what does that… read the answer


I’m in year 9 this year and I’ve had a crush on this guy since the start of year 8. We’re really good friends, I’ve …

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Girl Stuff

First Date: Dos and Don’ts

DOS: DO pick a fun activity. When you’re deciding on a date location, try and come to a mutual decision. Do something that you think …

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    So, you may have heard the term ‘Polycystic Ovary' before. But, what does that even mean? 👀BASICALLY, girls prod…

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