Posted by Siena Barnett

I honestly reckon you should just be straight and tell him you’re interested. That way, he won’t get mixed messages from you and he won’t move on to another girl because you’re not showing any signs of interest. I know that that idea sounds scary, but it was the way I did it with my boyfriend (whom I’m not with anymore, but was for four months) and he loved that I was so honest. If you’re too nervous to do it, why don’t you ask your friend to tell him or even his friend that you like him? He might even find that flattering or cute that you were too nervous to face him. You could even ask your friend to ask his friend or even him if he straight up likes you or not. That’s a bit of a forward one though, so maybe stick to just telling him yourself or via a friend that you like him. Also, you said that you’ve gotten close now, so I’m sure if he doesn’t like you in that way, he’ll be cool about it and not make fun of you. If anything, he’ll love that you were so open with your feelings towards him. He sounds like a nice guy 🙂 Sorry if I was no help, this is just the advice I give my friends and the advice that I’d wanna hear in your situation. Hope this helps.. let me know how everything goes xx