Posted by StarlightDreamer

THIS IS SO ME! More than anything, I get told that I’m a moody, angsty teen, ughhh… It’s so stupid and annoying, but I can’t help it… I think what I try to do a lot of the time is take deep breaths. Taking deep breaths helps me to keep my mouth shut so I don’t blurt out anything rude or hateful, and helps me to kind of breathe my feelings out, if that makes sense? XD I don’t know, it just helps a lot to pause to take a few breaths before saying or doing something.

I think sometimes it’s also tempting to hit a wall or scream, and for that, I’d say it’s useful to have something like a stress ball. XD I think it’s just cool to have something physical to squeeze all of your energy and anger out into.

It’s also useful to take up a sport or a form of exercise, because not only does sport help to release endorphins which make you feel happier, but you’ll be able to sort of push all of your anger and moodiness out… I don’t know, it just helps me personally!

Ahh, I sound like such an angry person. XD I think it’s just important to try to calm yourself down and get rid of all of the anger inside of you, whether it’s through taking deep breaths, physically squeezing something, doing exercise, or even doing something creative like writing, drawing or painting, it really helps. XD