Posted by stargazer 1

I was out for high tea in the city with my mum and sister. We fished up, then went to the bathroom. Thats when I saw tiny bits of blood spots. “Not, I’ve got my period”, I said to myself, I was in shock, so then stuffed my undeies with as much toilet paper as I could. After a long, painful ferry trip, we finally got home. It was the evening by this point, so I had dinner and went to bed, still not telling mum yet. I woke in the morning with a tiny bit on blood on my undies. Got up and went to mum, I said “mum, I have to tell you something later…”, she said “what is it, write it down” and as cheesy as it sounds, I still remember writing those words “I got my period.”!!! But yeah for the first 2-3 ish years from getting it I had HORRIBLE cramps, but now I find my period kinda painless and ok ish ?