Posted by Anonymous

I’ve been in a similar situation, don’t you worry. It’s a time in your life where friendships change SO MUCH. Quite often, you’ll find a lot of stuff in common with the people closest to you. If you’re looking to make more friends, I definitely recommend joining clubs and groups who do things that you’re interested in. You’ll meet lots of new people and you never know, you could meet some new best friends! I’m sorry you and your best friend are drifting, I know that’ll seem rough right now but it might be for the best. Try and keep up your friendship if you feel it’s the right thing to do, but it’s okay to move on if that’s what happens. Don’t put yourself down girl, I’m pretty sure we’ve never met but I know that you are beautiful.
Things will be weird right now but I can promise that everything will turn out alright.
Love, PIK. xx