Posted by mynx10

This is probably a bit late but I relate to this question and think my view would be useful for anyone in the position.
I turn 19 in a few months and back when I was 15 I liked an 18 year old. Back then it took me a while to accept how I was feeling but eventually I just let it happen thinking I just had to let my feelings take their course. I ended up liking him for about a year and a half (a year of that time being while he was in another city). We become friends who would talk every now and then. I was so hopeful that he felt or would feel the same way but he didn’t. At the time I was kind of fine with it and eventually moved on telling myself that if anything is going to happen, it wouldn’t happen until I was 18. Now being 18, I look back and think about how I would feel if a 15 year old liked me and it makes me feel a little weird. I now know that he would’ve felt slightly uncomfortable. An age gap anytime before you turn 18 or so is kinda looked down upon and seen as weird. So I’d say maybe just become good friends but don’t try and push for anything romantic at this stage. I’d suggest just developing a solid friendship and try to move on. If anything happens when you’re slightly older then Yay! but for now I think just become friends and see if you’re still friends in a couple years and how you’re feeling then. Definitely wouldn’t recommend letting your feelings get too strong at this stage though. You also don’t know how he would feel about someone 4 years younger liking him and if he finds out you like him, it could potentially push him away for you.