Posted by NovaMc

I have been in a friendship situation similar (lying and going behind my back) before. I got very hurt and worked up over it, but i eventually got over it. Here is my opinion on your problem.
Obviously she isn’t a very good friend. I suggest either you try and be friends again by talking it through with her in a conversation or just end the friendship. I know from exerience that it will be hard but she can’t keep doing that to you. Either you keep getting hurt by her and continue the friendship, or you can end the friendship. It will be a hard decision, but it won’t be a healthy relationship between you both if she lies and goes behind your back like that. What i would say to her but you dont have to: i would tell her how much it hurt me and that it wasn’t a very nice thing. I would say that i didn’t like her lying to me and going behind my back. Then i would add that because she did that then surely she doesn’t want this friendship anymore.

Continuing the friendship or not is up to you. I really hope this helped you and GOOD LUCK!