Posted by Juneiper_tree

I’m going through a very similar thing and am currently being monitored. About 4-5 months ago I started feeling stabbing pains and all the common signs of Endo but after going through multiple tests such as Ultrasounds and blood tests the doctors found nothing so they have put me on personalized pain medicines and monitoring. I go for check-ups every 3 weeks to see how things are and still no results have come through.

For you, recommend recording things like your symptoms, how much sleep your getting, what your moods are like (stress, anxiety, etc). When you start feeling stabbing pains try staying on top of your medicine, take what is best for you or what your doctor has prescribed and only take the advised dosage. To help ease the pain try applying a heat pack, drinking water and snuggling up somewhere you feel comfortable and just relaxing (read a book, watch tv, meditate). Also make sure you have a healthy lifestyle this includes drinking water (at least 2.5 liters – 8 glasses) a day, eating good foods and exercising regularly.

I do hope you, your doctors and the people around you figure out what to do and how to help you but keep in mind that every person’s body is made differently so when you look up stuff online, yes they may be true symptoms, but your body is different from every other woman so you mustn’t worry about stuff, instead remind yourself that there are so many people who can help you and the problems you may be facing.

❤️ from June