Posted by hallie kumar

So i had my first period yesterday. It was easter Sunday when i had received it and i was shocked. So i have always wished for it and i always jumped to conclusions pants are a bit wet, i think i’m having my first period. But i never had it up to yesterday. i am now 13 years and wished for my period from the age of 10. I got so annoyed about it not coming when i thought it was coming so i lost interest and when the signs started to show up i didn’t care much. So it was two nights before i got my period and i was busting to go to the bathroom so i went and i saw a light pink stain on the toilet paper, i didn’t really think of it much, until the next day when little bits of bright red showed up on the toilet paper. On the same night of the little bits of blood showed up i put a pad on and went to bed thinking about all the chocolate i would get the next day. I woke up went to the bathroom and saw brown stuff on the pad and i asked my mum about it and she said i got my period. yay!