Posted by forget2187

also also also, She is such a b*tch when it comes to guys. She always complains about how this girl in our year showed her crush ugly pictures of her, but then she will literally do the same sh*t to me. I mean, come on. Like, i told her i liked this guy and then she proceeded to flirt with him, message him, and humiliate me when he’s around. Then, after these particular encounters, she has the audacity to say stuff like, “he likes you so much it’s obvious!” or, “guys never like me!” WTF!!! Meanwhile i will be SO angry with her and she pretends not to notice, or will somehow make herself the victim. ALSO, she always slut shames me for wearing my skirt short or this one time i couldn’t find any of my uniform coz my fam went away for the weekend so i had to wear these shorts that were too small and they were really tight and i felt uncomfortable and she just made me feel so much worse. And shes just the most annoying person EVER. I can’t even type the words she make me feel sick. But the thing is, everyone literally WORSHIPS her and then she always talks about how she is everyones last choice and how no one like her but then when people want to be around her and hang out with her she leaves them and talks sh*t about them to ME. And she talks sh*t about all the nice, pretty people because they are too perfect, meanwhile i’m becoming friends with them because they are GOOD PEOPLE. I even told her, i don’t want to be around you because you are just so negative and I am actually friends with the people you talk about and then she got all sad and annoyed at me and i…i. just.cant. I cant.