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2 Year Crush…

Ive had this crush for about 2 years and have only talked to him like 3 times……. I really wanna tell him i like him, but i just get way too nervous….I REALLY wanna tell him but i just…Dont have the guts too, Any advice?

  • Posted by Isabelle Takes

    I’ve been in the exact same position as you before. Honestly, my advice is just tell him. In whatever way is comfortable like getting a friend to help out or even just a text if your way too nervous. If he’s a nice guy, he won’t tell anyone or make a huge deal out of it. Hope that helps!!

  • Posted by sara bell

    i had this happen, me and him were very good friends and we both told each other who we liked. i really like hime and one day we were playing at school and we decided to carve the first letter of there names so i did l and he did s, we decide to stay freinds but i was happy that i did it because he was very nice and didnt spread it around so if you trust he and you thing he will be nice and understanding i would do it over text, in person or get a friend to help the worst thing he can do is say no and make you feel embarressed but that feeling will pass. hope this helps xx

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