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I’m a really shy person but do have a group of friends, yet everyone has a best friend EXCEPT me! I don’t know what to do because I want to have someone to spill everything to and to have fun with, can someone give me some tips to make a best friend? I feel really lonely

  • Posted by embo

    the world of friends is tough

    1. you could try joining a club or group (inside or outside of school) around something that interests you

    2. say hi or smile to someone who looks lonely

    and remember All Ways Be Your Self

  • Posted by CircleCat16

    That happened to me! I had two really good groups of friends but everyone has a best friend, except me! If you want to make a new friend, just try and talk to some other kids in your class that maybe you don’t always hang out with. Remember to be yourself, because there is someone out there who will like you for you. If there are any new students that start at your school, have a chat with them. You two might have similar interests. Extracurricular activities, sports or clubs are also a great idea.

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