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A Crush

Hi I have a crush but don’t want to tell him that I like him is there anything I could do without talking to him.

  • Posted by Jacinda Gatman

    Maybe just tell a trusting friend, I did that but imma tell him nothing yet I just wanna wait till my parents will allow me to have a boyfriend before I will tell him.

    P.S I realized that one of my friends have a crush on the same guy as me so now we are just getting super competitive!

    • Posted by Reee227

      I know it gets annoying when one of your friends start liking the same gut as you, when I told one of my childhood friend about my crush she said that he’s cute and all that seriously 🙄it really annoyed me my friends calling my “crush” cute.

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  • Posted by Ruby Hyland

    You can just keep it to your self until u r ready to tell him if u have his number txt him in the school holidays or something

  • Posted by Hayley

    I have a crush and he is really funny and nice. We are really good friends and no each other well.
    My friends say we would look good together, but he said he has a crush on someone, i’m worried it’s not me!

  • Posted by sammy

    I like really want a boyfriend but all the boys at our school like…suck!

  • Posted by Hayley

    I suddenly get urges to kiss my crush randomly.

  • Posted by Reee227

    @JacindaGatman Omg that’s the same thing that happened to me but my friend said she only liked him for a week but still I’m not really sure if she still likes him or not, it gives me chills to even think about her liking him.

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