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A major crush..

Okay. so for around 4 years, I have really liked this guy, and apparently one or two years ago he liked me back but I don’t know anymore… I’m too scared to tell him and my friends are being good friends and not telling him, I don’t know what to do?! Girl to girl advice, please ?

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hmm boys, they’re a bit of a mystery to us aren’t they.
    I would suggest talking to this boy about how you feel & he will most likely tell you how he is feeling too. This will give you some clarity on the situation & whether there’s potential for a relationship.
    I would also chat to your parents, being open and honest about your feelings towards this boy & letting them know that you are going to have a chat with him.
    If after you have spoken to both your parents & this boy you feel that he isn’t putting in the effort with you, then perhaps it will be better to end things by explaining to him how you are feeling.
    The best thing is to be open & honest with everyone in this situation.

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