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a serious crush

hi guys , so i have this crush, and I feel like if i tell him it will ruin the beautiful friendship we have . But the worst part is, my friend also likes him and if confess to liking him, she probably won’t want to be my friend anymore! I have no idea what to do and this crush is growing rapidly, please help….

  • Posted by Kaida McManus

    I have the same problem. But apparently the best way is to Be clear that what you want is a date.
    Try saying something like this: “We should go see a movie together. …
    This is clearer than asking them to “hang out.”
    they might be worried about your friendship, so tell them that you enjoy being their friend and that you want to stay friends no matter what.

  • Posted by Brianna Hudgen

    I have a crush but he’s in a different class and now were on online classes i want to tell him how i feel because before we had to do online classes i really really liked him and i still do to this day forward and when we get back in school i want to kiss him on the cheak and lips for a surprise towards him so can you please help because i don’t know how it feel to kiss a boy but i do know how it feels to kiss a boy on the cheak. And thank you for all of your help because this is just like a girls club because girls have to go though more things then boys and we all know how it feels to be girls and to talk about pads bras and training bras and our perido thank you all for your help because without this website i wouldn’t be on here today with my feeling on being a girl.

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