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Oh my godd! I’ve been stressing about this for AGES, so I’m dying to ask this…anyways, I’m 12 and haven’t got my period YET, but I’m really worried for when it happens so I was wondering if any one knows what you feel when your about to get your period. If your wondering why I’m so scared btw, it’s mainly cous’ I don’t want to be SUPER embarrassed!!! Cheers, ally 🙂

  • Posted by Miss Mack

    omg hunni, don’t be embarrassed! it’s different for everyone. When I got mine I just had a little tummy ache before. But Ive had friends that were 10 and some were 16! Best just to have a little pencil case or something that has a few pads in it so youre prepared. I got some Libra Girl ones from coles. Theyre really good. good luk!

  • Posted by Umbrella09

    Hey! I agree with what Miss Mack said. I was 10 and I got the most painful stomach cramp, that I ended up crying and couldn’t stand straight for a good 20 minutes….but also, when you do get it, tell your Mum asap, I didn’t tell my mum for the first 3 periods, and I definitely regretted that! Good luck! 🙂 Xx

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