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AHHHHH I go on CAMP in a week (HELP!!!)

Ahh so right now im on day 17 of my period cycle, and I usually get it around day 25!! But camp is in a week and one day from now, so there is the possibility I could get it on camp 😭. And to make it worse I cant use tampons because I have a septet hymen, ugh so ill be screwed if we have to swim. Does anyone know ways of delaying periods??? Ahh im so worried, please help 🙂

  • Posted by Grace Andrews

    Hey it happened to me on camp. I’ll tell you one thing, if you’re swimming in the ocean you probs don’t need a tampon( I swim in the ocean all the time with it) but in pools it’s best to sit it out. Also when the day comes and you feel like you might get it bring a bag with you , it is soo much better to be prepared than to not have anything. You can take pills to delay your period but I think they are quite rare and expensive. 🙂

    • Posted by stargazer 1

      Heyy. Ohh really, lets hope at my camp we just swim in the ocean (or even better not at all 😂). Oh yes true. Oh can you?! Yeah I think ill just hope for the best, and pray I don’t get it on camp!! Thankyou for all your help and advice xx

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