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Am I Gay?????

hi girls I need some help So I’m not sure but I think I might be gay. I need you peeps to let me know how you knew you where gay Thanks xxx

  • Posted by Filly

    I guess it is just if you feel u r, u r…. If not your not……

  • Posted by Filly

    Also it is important to recignise it is a spectrum not just black or white…..

  • Posted by Emicro xx

    I knew I was bi because I had crushes on my friends as well as a couple of boys. I guess I’m still questioning. It takes some breaking down and don’t listen to the stereotypes because the chances are, you won’t be the stereotypical lesbian and that’s okay.

  • Posted by

    I have know I was bisexual since I was in fourth grade. I guess I found out when I thought one of my friends were absolutely beautiful. Now, dont get me wrong all girls think other girls are pretty but something about her made her stand out. I hope I make sense.

  • Posted by Curiousgeorge

    Hey hun! dont rush anything cuz you have a lot of time to figure this out. I was in 7th grade when I first started thinking I was bi cuz I had this big crush on a girl. Later I figure out I was gay actually from a dream. I kissed the girl I likes and woke up the next morning and thought “holy shit. I’m gay”. But it took a lot of soul searching before that to get to that point where my mind figured itself out. Also, if you think you have a crush on someone, imagine yourself getting physical with them (making out, going down on them, having sex,etc.) and see if you get grossed out or turned on

  • Posted by lily9283

    Thanks so much peeps! I’m still not 100% sure but all o you have help so much XOXO Lily ??

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