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Hi! 🙂 I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask about this, but I don’t know where else to go… So… I think I have anxiety. Actually, I don’t think, I know… All the tell tale signs make it pretty clear, I’m really anxious, worried and scared all the time. 😛 So I was wondering if anyone knows any ways to cope with anxiety, maybe? Any good tips to maybe feel more relaxed and more at ease would be really helpful. 🙂 Thank you!

  • Posted by Butterfly_Girl

    Even if you want you can tell me a story or a situation where you need help with which is causing anxiety. Whatever I don’t mind just make sure to tell me I wanna help you guys out. Thanks

  • Posted by StarlightDreamer

    Do you have it? 😛

  • Posted by Butterfly_Girl

    Well it’s really hard to say I would say like sorta I mean I get like panic attacks and I do get very anxious at time but I am pretty experienced with it and am happy to help others with cases the same or more serve than mine

  • Posted by StarlightDreamer

    Oh, ok! I think I have it too…

  • Posted by Butterfly_Girl

    Hi starlightdreamer! Yea its not the best is it lol. Would you like help with anything like dealing with it or tricks to help? Xxx

  • Posted by StarlightDreamer

    I think I have it because … I’m really shy and quiet, socially awkward, and I’m always tapping my fingers, biting the insides of my cheeks, glancing around… Just fidgeting. And I’m always worrying, about everything… But anyway, sure, do you have any tips? How do you calm and relax yourself?

  • Posted by Butterfly_Girl

    Hiya!  Omg you are exactly like me I’m superrr shy always very quiet constantly fidgeting and always worrying and over thinking situations.   Yes I do have some tips  Firstly I think listing to calm and relaxing music I really feel like that makes me less anxious. Secondly…exercise I haven’t tried this but supposedly this helps. And thirdly just think it will all be okay, stay positive everything will be fine. Xxx

  • Posted by StarlightDreamer

    Hi! Yay, it’s good to know I’m not the only one! 🙂 Yeah, I love listening to music, it’s probably the one thing that calms me down. I don’t like exercising, haha. XD Yup, it’s always good to look on the bright side! 🙂 Thank you!

  • Posted by Butterfly_Girl

    Hey  Yeah you are defiantly not the only one! YESSSSS!!!!! Listing to music it calms me down and relaxes me. Hahaha that’s okay not all people like excersize. Your welcome Xxx

  • Posted by StarlightDreamer

    Hi, Good to know. 🙂 Yeah! What music helps you the most? Do you?

  • Posted by Butterfly_Girl

    Hi Well….I love pop,all the new stuff. But to be relaxed I think just really calm music or like sometimes (this may be just me) but I find listing to raindrops really light raindrops that helps. I do like exercise I love most sports. Xxx

  • Posted by StarlightDreamer

    Hi! So songs like Havana and Shape of You and New Rules? Yeah, I love listening to calming sounds like that too! 🙂 For me personally, Taylor Swift’s music always calms me down… Always… 🙂 That’s great, I wish I did… XD

  • Posted by Butterfly_Girl

    Hey Yes I love love love ed sheeran. But they are all my favourite songs… Raindrops just make you feel calm ha I don’t know why! Ha yeah well I don’t like all sports just some hah! Xxx

  • Posted by StarlightDreamer

    Hi, Ed Sheeran is okay, I guess. 🙂 Oh, cool! 😀 Haha, I know! Yeah, haha. XD

  • Posted by Butterfly_Girl

    Hiya  Ha I love his songs but every one Is different!

  • Posted by StarlightDreamer

    Hi! Yup, we all are!

  • Posted by LoveyDovey

    Hi there! The dreaded black cloud of anxiety, we all go through it some worse than other’s. I find some nice hot tea with lemon and honey while repeating this too shall pass helps, also on youtube gentlewhisperingasmr is AMAZING at making me feel relaxed. good luck on your journey to minimizing your anxiety! remember You ar not alone & this too shall pass!

  • Posted by crazychickskye

    i have an anxiety disorder and have panic attacks randomly the best thing is to think of something really random or weird. or just breath

  • Posted by StarlightDreamer

    Hi both of you! It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one. 🙂 Thank you!

  • Posted by StarlightDreamer

    Hi both of you! It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one. 🙂 Thank you!

  • Posted by Casual_Maggie

    i have it too, for me it’s somtimes when i have a lot going on and my mum  is like “clean this” and “clean that” and i’m dong something important and then my brothers are just frustrating me. and sometimes (usually) its like, i feel like there is something i should be worrying sbout, but i dont know what it is and it’s just in the back of my mind most of the time. and it’s like im forgetting to worry about something, its like “you cant go to sleep until you’re done worrying” do you have that too?

    • Posted by StarlightDreamer

      @casual_maggie, yeahhh, that happens to me too! It’s like I’m exhausted and so ready to sleep, but I just can’t because of all the worries I have in me… That’s so annoying! I think it’s like that for me too, like there’s just so much going on it’s hard to keep up. XD

  • Posted by maddie1208

    Hey! Someone mentioned to exercise… I wasn’t that keen on doing exercise or any form of sport a few years ago, but it really does help and can be very fun! I joined the volleyball team, which isn’t a lot of physical work like running around, you could find what worked for you! Exercise isn’t just fitness testing or the beep test in P.E., or running 100kms, even just walking is exercise. It helps your brain to release endorphins, which are a chemical that make you happy and calm.


    • Posted by StarlightDreamer

      @maddie1208, oh, thank you so much! I started doing martial arts a few months ago, and it’s honestly been really therapeutic in a weird way, it’s like pushing all of my anxieties out of me. XD

  • Posted by Bella Richard

    just be relax..

    • Posted by StarlightDreamer

      @bella Richard, that would be sooo amazing if I could do that, but unfortunately, anxiety does the opposite. You can’t really hope you’ll relax and expect to do so, it doesn’t work that way. 🙁

  • Posted by Bbost13

    Hi everyone, I know I probably am not any older than you but I have a lot of experience with mental health here are some things to consider
    -everyone worries and gets nervous sometimes.. that does not mean you have the mental illness ‘anxiety’
    -talk to your parents/a trusted adult (this is super important as they can offer strategies and support!!!)
    -deciding you have anxiety can often make those feelings stronger as you accept that you have ‘something wrong with you’ NEVER SELF DIAGNOSE!!!

    I hope this is constructive

    • Posted by StarlightDreamer

      @bboostmay13 Hii! That is really, really true! Thank you so much for saying that!! 🙂

  • Posted by Sumsy

    Tips to deal with anxiety:
    Take a chill pill and breath
    Talk to a friend or your mum
    Think about the best that could happen not the worst
    Is it really that bad
    Go on Libra and chat with us gals
    Hope this helps! ??

  • Posted by embo

    when you feel an anxiety attack coming on (or are in one) you should try and do an exercise called grounding

    5 things you can see
    4 things you can here
    3 things you can feel
    2 things you can smell
    1 thing you can taste

    this helps you to regain the feeling of being in control of what is around you

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Great suggestion @embo, this would definitely help

  • Posted by Pink Milk

    Hi! I think anxiety is pretty common and normal in life. Shifting your attention on other things might help. Like, finding a hobby, playing sports,doing whatever makes you happy. A lot of people have suggested listening to music, and that really helps too.
    Take a deep breath and believe in yourself! It will get better soon x

  • Posted by lucinda linden

    i have anxiety too, and it’s terrible to deal with. i’m pretty bad at dealing with it myself, but what i usually do is put my headphones on and listen to ‘just breathe’ from the prom. that song might not work for everyone, so just search through songs until you find one you really like. it definitely helps me. while doing that, i usually ground myself, as @embo said. i’ll also practice my breathing – in for 3, hold for 2, out for 3, until i feel semi-decent. hope this helped!

  • Posted by Leah Curtiss

    I definitely have Anxiety too. it sucks man. before I got my first period, I was so paranoid it would happen at school, and it would stain my clothes! Luckily, that didn’t happen, but I’m still regularly worried about everything!

    Try to take deep breaths for 2 minutes every day, and listen to your Favourite Song/s. it always helps me. Anyway, Safe travels!

  • Posted by 🖤 SAMMIE🖤

    Don’t worry it’s not just you, for example, I have it too.

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