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Hey girls!✌ What are your favorite movies?! Make sure to reply !!!

  • Posted by Butterfly_Girl

    Anyone!  It can be anything from horror to comedy. Let me know!

  • Posted by Butterfly_Girl


  • Posted by Dancergirl14

    I’m in LOVE with The Greatest Showman!

  • Posted by Butterfly_Girl

    [i]Hey Dancergirl14 yes that’s a good movie! [/i] [i]Does anyone like the movie twilight? [/i] [i]Comment your favorite movies![/i] [i]Thanks in advance.[/i]

  • Posted by elissa25

    OMG! I love The Greatest Showman & Love, Simon!!!

  • Posted by Butterfly_Girl

    Hey elissa25 !!!! Seems like everyone is in love with the greatest showman lol! Thanks so much for telling me (and everyone else) your favorite movies. Keep telling me your favorite movies!!! Thank u!

  • Posted by NovaMc

    I watched Men of Honour last night and it was GREAT. It has a great moral of never giving up.

  • Posted by Emily N

    oooooh ready player one and anything marvel lol im literally in love with tom holland

  • Posted by StarlightDreamer

    Well… I don’t know if I have a favourite movie, but I really like Mean Girls and Legally Blonde? XD

  • Posted by embo

    HARRY POTTER 🙂 🙂 🙂 and back to the future and anything about horses 🙂

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  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Such great suggestions! I love Harry Potter

  • Posted by stressedandtired

    Marvel movies are definitely some of my favourite movies, Iron Man 1, The Winter Soldier, Thor Ragnarok, Infinity War, Endgame (I cried. A lot), etc. are all amazing.
    I also adore movies directed by Christopher Nolan or Denis Villeneuve. But they’re more those mind-boggling types of movies that leave you going ‘wait… what?’ (in a good way)

  • Posted by Abby Smith

    Hey butterfly girl email me plz I need to talk to you!

    Thanks Abby

  • Posted by Alie <3

    Oh my gosh I LOVE questions like this because nobody I know really cares to ask me this stuff lol. Hmm…
    I love the WHOLE Harry Potter Series. But honestly my all time favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Posted by Mickie

    I would have to say Heather’s! It’s deferentially not for younger people, but it can be enjoyable for older kids! UwU

  • Posted by Jordyn McIntosh

    Mean Girls all the way sis!

  • Posted by Jimmy Tito

    Mine would be the matrix or pocahontas

  • Posted by billie

    mine is now u see me
    now u see me 2

  • Posted by Sophie!

    Any Studio Ghibli movie. I might be alone here with the love of animated movies, but they’re simply charming, always magical. Some classic favorites are Spirited Away and Kiki’s Delivery Service.

  • Posted by Lisa Angwin

    I’m absessed with How to Train Your Dragon 🙂

  • Posted by 🖤 SAMMIE🖤

    I’d have to say Gantz animated anime

  • Posted by Eatsleeprepeat

    10 things I hate about you is my go to. Hope this helps xx

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    LOVING all these suggestions. Particularly during this time of ISO! My absolute favourite movie of all time is Legally Blonde! Elle is GOALS!

  • Posted by Bella ❤️

    Four Brothers for a crime/fight action film (its not scary but contains coarse language), it is hilarious. Charlies Angels the Reboot, the new one! 2 of my favs, btw I haven’t watched TV in ages because of my school assignments and homework, so I have no time!

  • Posted by Rishal

    I like mostly romance and comedy movie.

  • Posted by Sophie Kirk

    My favourite movies would have to be:
    Free rein
    Kath and Kim
    And I kinda like baby sitters club


  • Posted by carebear64

    Hi! Here are *some* of my favorite movies. I have a lot.

    Marvel movies (but only the ones in the MCU).
    Dirty Dancing
    A walk to remember
    The fault in our stars
    Two weeks notice
    The longest ride
    The spy who dumped me
    Mean girls
    pitch perfect

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