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Are You Scared Or Excited For Your First Period?

Share your opinions and feelings! Mine will be in the replies.

  • Posted by Eddy

    So I have ❌ got my 🩸 yet. I’m 😱 but also self-conscious. I started carrying like 10 pads everywhere I go. 👩🏻‍🦰 says that she ✅ give me a pack of her pads. I 😬 that it will happen at 🏫 because I just started there last term and I don’t really have any 💪🏻 connections to anyone there so 🤔 would I 💬 ? Ms James would be a good 💡 but she’s ❌ my teacher! I usually would ❌ worry but it’s come 🔛 my 🧠 and I think I ✅ get my 🩸 🔜 !!!!!

  • Posted by Alicia L

    A bit of both, actually. i already know lots abou it cos i’ve been researching, but i’m still a bit nervous.

  • Posted by koala_lover

    I am excited but when it happens I will be a little scared but I know plenty so should be fine. Xoxo

  • Posted by Hayley

    I think that i will have it soon and i am looking forward 2 it but i am kinda scared 2 have it @ school in case everyone finds out.

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    @Katie_Cats – Don’t worry, no one will know you’re on your period unless you tell them!

    Love Gem x

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