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Asking for pads

Never be scared to ask just say I remember not asking a leaking every were in class ?? because I was scared to ask for a maxi mpadm

  • Posted by Bubblygirl123

    That is so true we all have to go through this some point in our life so just remember any girl you know has gone or is going through their period.

  • Posted by Al3x@ndr4

    Yup… anyways you might be advised about this issue in PDHPE in years 5 – 12, so you can *casually* bring this up with Mum in a private setting saying that you were informed about your menstrual cycle at school, and from there hopefully she’ll give you some pads (or liners to start with) just in case you have your periods while going out or something. Anyways, she’s been through what you’re going through now, so she’ll understand.

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