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B'day party & a friend boy

Um so in week 3 of school this year i poured my heart out into a letter telling this guy that he’s great and funny and i liked him alot, but somehow all the other people that hang out in the same area read the letter and i only meant for him to read it. And now that my birthday is in a couple of months i want to have a disco party and i know my mum will say “u need to invite boys”. I have 2 other male friends that i am totally not interested in but i still hang out with them. So they r a definite. But i kinda think mum wont be happy with only 2 so should i invite the guy i used to like? My feelings have subsided quite a bit after he wrote back saying he has a gf, which i already knew. We get along great and talk really openly about alot of things but i just dont want anyone teasing me at my party or it being weird/awkward when i give him the invitation and if/when he actually comes. I just need ur opinion of what u huys would do. Thanks heaps

  • Posted by Umbrella09

    Hey, I would invite him, I think you should just tell him and the other people up front that you don’t like him anymore. I understand that someone will probably still say something at your party, but it might be better if you tell them anyway… Maybe u should also invite one of his friends, then you could give the invitations at the same time and they can hang out at your party, so he won’t get bored. Good luck! 🙂 Xxx

  • Posted by NovaMc

    Sorry i took so long to reply. Thank you for your advice i definitely helped me with my decision!!!

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