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so i caught my boyfriend out cheating on me with his ex girlfriend and i confronted him about it and he said he was sorry and all that and said he would make it up to me but i dont know if i made the wrong decsion on giving him another chance to prove that he wont do it again but im worried he is going to do it again someone please give me some advice to if i made the right desion or not

  • Posted by Chloelyn14

    that is not good

  • Posted by Jesssw1

    I’ve gone through this many many times.  Give him this ONE chance to fix things. Sit down and talk to him about what went wrong and some ground rules for both of you (ie dont cover up who youre talking to online etc)  If he flubbs up again do not let him have another chance. Move on, spread your wings and use this as a learing experience

  • Posted by Casual_Maggie

    But remember, once a cheater, always a cheater. H emight change for you though! i hope it goes well!

  • Posted by samanjaan

    I’m sorry but you deserve better than that I recommend breaking up with him right this second. But also I know its hard to just let go.but just do it.

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