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big boob problems

i developed boobs really young and am now a DD/E cup at 14 which is good but also sucks.
girls wear these nice tops that flatter them but when i wear them i get comments and feel like a slut because of them. no matter what i wear boys always whistle and make comments because of my body. even my mum tells me i look like a slut and tries to make me constantly dress in a way i don’t like and isn’t me just to hide my body. my boobs are still growing and i do like my body, but at the same time i feel as if i am always on display, and looking promiscuous. i am confident in my body and like wearing croptops and singlets and dressy camis and tops etc, especially during summer, and every other girl my age does!! i just want to know ways to feel more comfortable in what i wear and how i look, any advice? xo

  • Posted by Umbrella09

    Don’t get your confidence down, it’s really all about how comfortable you are. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing something then don’t! ?‍♀️It’s really up to you, don’t let other people tell you what’s right and what’s wrong! Also if someone is telling you things you don’t want to hear or things that make you uncomfortable you should tell them to stop. It’s your body so you can do what you want! Xxx

  • Posted by NovaMc

    Ok 1: tell those boys to back off because that is NOT OK. 2: your mum should be helping you and giving light feedback on how you look. Mabye talk to her about it and say that its not your fault that you have big boobs, and that you feel comfortable in your own skin and you dont want to hide.
    Its good that you are comfortable with yourself and are not trying to hide. Plus, how can you be a ‘slut’ when you are wearing in what every other girl likes to wear? And you’re only fourteen. I am nearly 12 and am a B12 cup. And i have a friend with like C or D cup. You are not alone with big boobs!!! Dont be forced into hiding yourself, tell your mum what you feel and just brush those boys off. It just shows that they only want one thing. I hope this helped. Good luck!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous

    Hey! I’m in the same boat. Us larger-chested-ladies are definitely not to be messed with! Those boys need to be dealt with, it might be good to talk to someone about them because what they’re doing is not okay. If you feel comfortable, talk to your mum about how you’re feeling. She might see your point of view a little more, which would definitely help your situation. Stay Strong! PIK xxx

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