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body curves and boobs

yo so um I’m 14 (ppl tell me I look older lol) but 2 topics I need help on so one with the whole body curves thing and like and hips going out more and whatever why is my left side out like a lot more then my right side like its kinda noticeable and when my left side became really noticeable to me like I woke up one morning and BAM! it was there and the other side, nothing. and idk if this is a coincidence or not? but the night before i did one of those power hoop workouts i did 5 mins straight on mt left side and a lot of stopping and starting on my right side and when i did it kn my rught side ir probs wasnt 5 mjns but i def felt like it btw power hoops are weighted hoolahoops and they work your core and you basicly hoop around your waist/hip area and i feel like this made some difference and im thinking if hooped on mt other side more it might make them even? also with the whole power hoop thung yiur meant ti hoop on both sides the same amount if time so both sides of your core is getting a workout and getting stronger and not just one side. also this typing is literally a workout but moving in secound topic, boobs now does my mums boob size have anythung to do with what size i am going to be bc my mum is short and about 4″8 and shes a 12A and shes petite ya know and im about 5″6 and im a 14C/12D ish atm and im already bigger then her and she went through puberty early and stuff but i really want my boobs to grow bigger and yea is there a size im ment ti grow too? or do anyone if you know what size i will grow to? lol pls help, also i have a lot ton of stretch marks on my boobs like 80% of my boobs are strech marms which ik means they gre fast in a short peroid of time but what time do you think my boobs will stop growing and i also got my peroid at 12 like lateish 12 :))

  • Posted by Rubeetobee

    I don’t think that you should be worrying about how big your boobs are but there isn’t really a way to see when they will stop growing. You’re beautiful anyway ?

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