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Boy Drama

Sorry long post ahead…   Okay so I talk to this guy on Snapchat and he’s a total sweetheart and so kind and caring but Im scared.    So a bit of a backstory to that; I’m 16, he’s 17 (but got his Ls late so he doesn’t have his Ps yet…. just for the imagination of you girls, he’s over 6ft tall, he’s solid, but like so many of those guys he’s a total sweetheart and a huge teddy bear) but we’re both in year 10 (he repeated like year 1 or something I dunno); we met through a mutual friend, like I actually met him before I started Snapchatting him, I just knew of him for a lot longer; he goes to a boarding school in a town about an hour from me, but he actually lives like 6-7 hours from where I live. (All very relevant info for the story)  Right, back to the story: we’ve been talking for almost two months and it started as just friends but we started being flirty, and then it progressed to us talking about “being together” and dating, but we both said it wouldn’t work because of the distance, and he didn’t want to put me through the pain of a “long” distance relationship. Multiple times it has been mentioned that we will just have to wait until he can drive over regularly to date. I tried to be careful and not get attached because of the reputation he has for talking to a lot of girls so I knew I wasn’t special but I couldn’t help myself and he was calling me cute and baby and beautiful, and you girls would all know how hard it is to not fall for a guy when he calls you those names. But anyway, I went ahead and got attached like I seem to do. Even though we flirted we have became good friends, and he we have a silly friendship that’s for sure and that’s more important to me honestly. Lately however he’s hasn’t been replying as much/ often, and I don’t know what to make of it. We’re growing distant and I’m worried. I know it happens, and I don’t want to lose what we possibly could have but I’m more concerned about our friendship and I hope it doesn’t get lost. What should I do about it?

  • Posted by paricetta

    first thing girl im 13 but seem to have alot of relation to this topic dont judge me by my age. Ive talked to heaps of boys but i cant keep a single one, cause i get too attached to them and i dont wanna loose that but i aint anything special to them and we end up going seperate ways i can’ help it but im not a girl that can stay in a comitted relationship. Your story is so sweet and cute you should keep him i love how these love stories appear if you ever need to talk click on my account and my facebook is there and my email. -Paris

  • Posted by Effie070901

    Thank you Paris. He is honestly so adorable when he does reply… I spend a lot of time left on read but oh well. -Steph

  • Posted by elmo1521

    Ok girl I’ve been in your shoes so many times it’s insane. I dont get attached easily but when I do it’s hard to come back from. But anyway, I think he could be pushing you away because he feels that is letting you down easier than you getting hurt. Just try not to read into it too much and just keep your friendship up because that is so important.

  • Posted by anongirl123

    maybe you should ask him what’s up? if you think that it won’t work out then say that you just want to be friends, I have been in this situation before because my town is an hour away from everywhere else and I just can’t make the travel to see any “boyfriends” so it doesn’t last. I know how he feels I do think that he isn’t talking for maybe two reasons. reason 1 maybe as you said he is known for talking to other girls maybe he is behind you back or number 2 he just doesn’t want you to get hurt because of the distance. there are so many guys out there but if you really think that he is the one that you absolutely want to be with then tell him how you feel. sorry if I made the situation worse just don’t read too much into the situation because it will just make it worse 🙂 sorry if that made no sense or if I upset you xx B

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