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Theirs this guy who is super cute, and seems nice and I’ve known him for a month now. He hangs out with my friend group, I have never actually had a conversation with him. But we have a class together at school and he sits on the whole other side of the room. And sometime( most of the time) I day dream and stare/ look at his beautiful eyes ( not in a creepy way), he does it too . We have just been looking at each other throughout most of the class for about 2 weeks. Haven’t talked. One time tho I seen him look at me then I looked at him and he smiled! So cute! In another class we have together I sat next to my friend in that class and she happens to sit next to him! In the class we were supposed to work with the people around us and him and I both seemed to act disinterested and “cool” in a sense, witch is not me most of the time i am a very hard worker in school. When we were just sitting their acting “cool” he looked up and I looked up at him!! gosh!! A few weeks later witch is now we haven’t been “connected”, I’ve been more focused on my paying attention in class so that may play a part. But… today something happened on my way home from school I see some boys walking ** I am by my self** and I am walking behind them and when I walk closer it looks like my crush and his friends. And they are like staring at me all turned around and staring at me . I say “what?” And then keep walking then I hear my crush say ” hi Alissa ” tbh I didn’t think he knew my name. I make out the words H-e-y I could bearly speak I was so shocked. Idk what to do. Help please

  • Posted by Filly

    He sounds so cute! Play it cool, start talking to him about class and school….. Eventually you can have a conversation with him……

  • Posted by Miayoooo

    U sound like me when I was 12lol I used to obsess over the Littlest contacts I would make with my crush, like if he asked me for a piece of gum I would be constantly replaying the scene in my head. But the truth is I was stupid. We never talked, we barely even knew each other yet I thought of him as some perfect god. But in reality he’s a human just like me and you, he’s not perfect he gets embarrassed he gets nervous and has all those emotions, so don’t be afraid to talk to him, that’s something I wish I knew when I was younger.I wish I knew that no ones opinion matters and we’re all equal

  • Posted by Ameliahoran

    We are boyfriends so complicated some times saying that they aren’t sad when they are

  • Posted by 23HarmsL

    Play it cool

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