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boy trouble!!!!! NEED HELP ASAP

i like this guy in my brothers basketball team and i have already texted him on snapchat once. well actually i dm him on instagram because he put something on his story and then i also sent him reply back to start streaks on snapchat and he replied back. so when i texted him he didnt seem that interested in me and i dont know what to do. i love how he is so different to other guys and he loves dogs whch is amazing. he is two years older than me but only one year difference in school. i really need some advice!!!! im terrified he is gonna think i am a creep and tell my brother that i have been talking to him. i just want him to notice me and like me. please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Posted by stephj0204

    Omg this happened to me!!! Like exactly the same thing!!!

  • Posted by jhart7979

    I think u should maybe start a convo with him now and then in person or on Snapchat and like be casual about don’t over think it. Playing Truth or dare is good one to see if he’s interested in another girl and you guys get to talk and know a bit more bout each other. And if ur brother finds out your talking to him soo what ur allowed to talk to who ever u want!

  • Posted by Sumsy

    Ugh boys. Sorry I’ve had a heck of a bad experience with boys. If a boy was interested in me, I’d just give it to him straight that I’m not interested. Sorry this is the opposite of what you wanted… hehe

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