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Boy troubles

Ok so my ex boyfriend and have been talking again, only because he messaged me and told me how he felt about me and that he has never loved any girl like he has loved me. I still really like him and he has been my rock for ages now and him opening up to me like that really just made me happy. A few days later he goes and tells me he only wants to be friends which confused the heck out of me because he’s gotten into the habit of ghosting everyone and not even communicating because of the girls he dated after me. He never knows what he want which ticks me off and thinks he can just walk in and out of my life. I talked to his friend and his friend told me to stick around for him because he’s been going through some things, but I hate the way he’s treating me and I’m putting in so much effort in taking care of him and telling him everything will be okay and it seems like he doesn’t even acknowledge that. I still really like him and Just don’t know what to do

  • Posted by Gloria Hawkins-Roberts

    Hey, I’ve had the same problem. I think you need to take a step back and think about what’s best for YOU. If you’re starting to feel down or really upset and confused about it all it’s best to take a step back for a few days. He seems to be playing a game so don’t go a long with it, even though it’s hard to not reply or chat to him. It will get easier and you will feel so much better in a week

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