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Boyfriend and kissing

Ok so I’ve got a boyfriend he asked me out last year and we’ve grown really close at school but at school every day there’s a couple who are always making out any time we walk past them or are them kissing he looks away and acts disgusted by then and that makes me think that he doesn’t want that were as I do. HELP

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey Girl, totally understand that you may feel upset by this. However it is also important to remember that your boyfriend loves you for you, and may not need to display his affection in public to prove so. Unfortunately, everyone is different & likes different amounts of affection in public & in private.
    Some people are completely affectionate and open in public whereas some would prefer to wait till they are alone with their partner.
    Your boyfriend may just prefer to keep the affection side of your relationship private, which is totally okay.
    I would suggest maybe speaking to him about it? Just being open & letting him know that it makes you feel like he doesn’t want to be affectionate with you in public. Having a chat about this will ensure that you both understand each other’s point of views on this situation. Being honest & open is always key in a relationship. Don’t worry too much I am sure he will open up about how he feels. x

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